Why we are afraid to post on social media

A common question I get asked is how to get comfortable with posting on social media? The short answer is to just get started. However, if it was that easy, I would not be writing this blog. 

The truth is fear can come in many forms. We don’t want to be judged, we have imposter syndrome and are self-conscious.  Fear can be disguised in many ways, if it doesn’t come easy it was not meant to be (not true). The door will open if it is my purpose. Yes, however you have to know when the opportunity presents itself and when to act on it.

Understanding fear and the way our brain works will help up move past fear and be socially brave. 

Your brain is designed to process information and solve problems, not make you happy, that your heart’s job.  The part of the brain which processes the fight, flight, or freeze is the amygdala while the hypothalamus interprets the perceived threat.  If we are not familiar with how this feels then we will process both threats the same way.

This can get confusing for those who find it nerve-racking to post on social media or walk up to a stranger, they feel the threat, and the hypothalamus is trying to tell you it’s ok, however, our fear overrides and believes it’s a physical threat.

In the beginning, I would offer a selfie challenge to those seeking advice, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.    I decided to create that for you, only this time I explain why we stop ourselves and why imposter syndrome stops us from moving forward. 



  • April 24, 2020