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Top 12 Things to do in Maui

Aloha, Beach Babes!I remember traveling to Hawaii for the first time over 15 years ago, the beauty was so breathtaking I wanted to sell everything we owned and move. I think we all feel like that when we go for the first time, island time helps us refuel our soul. The island we frequent the […]

  • September 16, 2018

Best Breakfast on Maui with an ocean view

Aloha!Welcome to the deliciousness of; Banana, pineapple, and macadamia nut pancakes, add some white chocolate, homemade cream on top it is a dream come true for pancake lovers. My friends, this is the meal we waited months to devour, all the cardio we had to do for this meal is well worth it.Best Pancakes in […]

  • June 19, 2017