Traveling has provided empowerment

Being a travel blogger one may think I have always been adventurous, which has not been the case. In the past, I travel for work, where I attend meetings and return home. Wanting to explore… but I was too afraid.

I have a fantastic husband, (high school sweethearts and #1 fan) he loves to explore as much as I do. If you have seen my Instagram account, you’re wondering… how did I go from being scared to traveling several times a month?

Trust me when I say… it took many events in my life to finally get a sense of peace and courage. The main change came when my Brother and Father passed away within four months of each other. I needed to make a difference, and now that I am over 50, no longer am I willing to live in fear.

For me, traveling provides a different perspective of the world, helps me grow as a person and gives me empowerment. To explore allows me to see through a different set of lenses, appreciate individuality, learn and grow from others.

The people I have met has broadened my horizon – I am a better person because I observe and listen. Having been out of my comfort zone, I travel with friends in the states, and the U.K even went alone.

I was able to do this because I took steps along the way, first staying a couple of hours after the conference- before flying home, to visiting a day extra. I say yes more, like when my friend Michelle asked if I wanted to go to the U.K. I was nervous but I wanted to go!

Now that I have gotten the hang of traveling, I work the internet to help friends get the best deals and stay within budget. With that said… it allows me to travel more.

  • July 29, 2017