Marriott Hotel review in Copenhagen

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When Michelle and I started on our journey of the U.K, it felt like I was living someones else’s life. Traveling out of the country was a dream come true for me, have lived a sheltered life growing up and now here I am in Copenhagen, Denmark. As we are driving to the hotel, my impatient nature is getting the best of me, need to see the famous cobblestone streets and professionals riding bikes to work. For this blog, I am focusing on the two Marriott hotel review in Copenhagen.

Our first hotel is the AC Marriott Bella Sky which is a little further from the city on the beautiful outskirts of Copenhagen.

With a modern decor, the room has two twin beds and a small sitting area. There is sufficient space for the two of us and waking up to views of Copenhagen was surreal.

The bathroom has an open floorplan for the shower, toilet, and sink area. Room enough to prepare for the day, it is an exciting change to hotels I have stayed in the past. Being in Copenhagen for the first time, I am thrilled with the room.

Overall, the AC Bella Sky has beautiful decor, pleasant lobby and bar area. For the price we paid, it is an excellent option. Wanting to spend more of our time in the city we switched hotels to the Marriott Waterfront Copenhagen.

The Marriott Waterfront hotel in Copenhagen with views of downtown and the waterfront is close to downtown and has more space than the Bella Sky Hotel. Our room includes a desk, large screen T.V and dresser.

Room rate for the Bella Sky was less than prices at the Waterfront, however what we saved in cab expenses made up the difference in room cost. Spending more time downtown, it made sense for us to stay close to town.

Staying closer to the city, we were able to see many tourist attractions and view areas in the town we would not have time to walk. Another good way to see most of the city is the hop on and hop off bus; it was a great way to see what the city had to offer. Copenhagen with cobblestone streets, great food, and intriguing people it felt very safe; people are incredibly kind and took pride in where they live.

In the middle of the amazing city is Tivoli Gardens; it is said that many of the rides we see today came from Walt Disney when visiting this park. For more information about the connection see where Walt Disney found inspiration

  • September 25, 2017