I am “The Sh*T”

I love social media, I enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, how they spend there day, and how they advance in their career. Did you know I started as a travel blogger! I loved sharing my experiences, where I went and the connection I made with the locals.

I moved into sharing my life experiences, and I wanted others to be encouraged to live the life you’ve always wanted. For several years, The perspective is shared predominately on Instagram post. Some with humor, motivation, and at times emotional. I am often asked to expand my thought and how I overcame some obstacles. I am all about sharing, so I thought some of the posts would be well developed.

In my business, I spend a great deal of time on social media. Like most of us, I get caught up surfing facebook, joining in on the conversation, and offering a perspective. We want the same thing… assured we are not alone, that others have the same thoughts we do. We wonder…. am I the only one that doesn’t have it together?.. which brought me to my IG post- I am “the sh*t”.

This is the original IG post:

You know that saying.. get your shit together? Ugh.. as part of my gratitude this morning- instead of saying I need to get it together. I will now say..

I AM “the shit,” and, I DO have it together!! ??

You have it together too. If you need to rest, then rest. If it’s time to gear up, then gear up. Each of us has our way. While it may seem we are on the same self-rediscovery path, I assure you we are on a separate journey and pace.

Keep being you and know YOU have your shit TOGETHER!! Happy Monday!

Why I wrote this post

It was a Monday morning, this particular one I was trying to organize my day, ok, its most Monday i sit at my desk working organizing to get more accomplished. For once, I would like to wake up, have everything go as planned and feel I have a somewhat structured plan. I must confess I spend more time on this day in self-pity…. wondering why I could be more like the amazing people who have the day planned out before I wake up. Then it hit me; I hit the wall of shame, I couldn’t believe my inner dialog. I am sharing with others to be careful what they say to themselves, yet here I was, talking to myself as if I was my enemy. I gather myself, stop the negative self-talk, and quickly move into a place of humor and positivity.

Our Inner Dialog

That’s when I decided, IM DONE! I need to change my inner thoughts.

I am “THE SH*T” I don’t need to get anything together, I am together. Stop beating your self up, Wendy! No one is perfect, and as humans, we are on a different path. If I need a day to rest, then do so, it’s okay. If it’s time for me to gear up, like today and stay on the task, then get it. Comparing ourselves to others comes from the enemy and will destroy any ideas you have of achieving more. Stop this inner talk, now!
Although we are on the same rediscovery journey, which I have done a couple of times in my life, we need to be at a speed that works for our lives, as long as you are moving forward, then go. It took me about 15 years to finish college; the path was long but steady. Shame is an emotion designed to keep us down. We use it on ourselves and others to make ourselves feel better; it needs to stop.

The pressure will cause anxiety

The stress of achieving more and at a rapid pace will cause anxiety, creating an emotional roadblock. This roadblock will stop us, and before we know it, we are on the couch or scrolling through social media when we should be creating. Before second-guessing, yourself, ask… does this support a positive mindset and the goals I have set out for myself. If not, let that SH*T go.

Society determines to have your SH*T together means we have status, power, money, and beauty. Remember, it means something different for each of us. What is enough, power, money, or who determines what beauty is? I view having it together when I have peace in my heart, love, and being the best version of myself today. Be kind to yourself, for everyone has there own version of what it means to have it together.

Thanks for being Socially Brave. What does it mean to have it together? leave a comment


  • June 4, 2019