Human Kindness

Several weeks ago when I was in New York and toured the 911 memorial. Walking around I heard voicemails left that day, the 911 dispatch calls and how the community came together in a time of crisis. The world experienced Human Kindness.

The impact of 911 was devastating, and the way our nation came together was inspiring. We see our fellow neighbor in need, we rise together.
 Recently, ⁣I’m standing in the grocery store line. When a register opened, the women behind me in another lane said…⁣You’ve been standing here longer, you want to go? ⁣

⁣As you know, we are preparing for weeks in quarantine, the lines are long and carts stacked one after another. This would have been difficult to move and go into another lane! ⁣However, the folks around me moved, adjusted – helped people they knew were waiting and offered for them to go next! ⁣

The act of one person made a difference in my day! The power of human kindness at it’s best! ⁣While we understand the words, this too shall pass, currently, it’s hard to see past the present. However, it will pass, we don’t forget, but life does move on and we move with it. 

Little things that happen during the day such as a smile, or a quick hello or moving 6 ft away would normally go unnoticed, that is, until we need it the most. We are reminded once again of the bond and human kindness we have as a nation. COVID- 19 will change us. How so, will depend on our mindset.

⁣We feel scared during this time. What will happen next? What will come out in the news? The new norm for me is about adjusting, and living in peace. The feeling of the unknown and uncertainty is overwhelming. I get it, I feel it too! ⁣

Uncertainty doesn’t need to always be bad, for example, I love surprises, when Wally brings home daises or recently, while at the store brought me pop tarts. They were so good. (If you’re wondering, strawberry is my favorite)

I am working on taking the best of each day, and hold it near. A positive perspective, such as the woman at the grocery store line can change my mindset.

Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about it. Not this day, on this day I felt the love and human kindness from strangers who offer hope.

Let’s never underestimate the power of hope, love, and human kindness. ⁣⁣

Be kind in the days ahead, it will brighten someone’s ⁣day, even at the grocery store line.

  • March 25, 2020