How to find airfare deals: Hawaii

I receive direct messages a couple of times a week asking – how am I able to travel so much?… and, how do I find cheap airfares- with the usual comment “did you win the lottery.” No, did not win the lottery and I have spent a lot of time on the internet search sites. I have a process down, and I will show you how to find your airfares. There is no real secret.. it does take flexibility, patience and knowing a good deal. My goal is to reduce the cost of travel so that I can explore more.

Some leverage timeshares, credit card points or hotel reward points. I have used all three in the past. Outlined below are the steps used to find my deal to Hawaii. Here we go… Oh, before you start, change the search to- private window. This is done because as we know our searching is tracked, I have gone back and the price of pricing have increased. Ok, now here we go..

1. Know The Normal Pricing
Before searching discounts, find the standard pricing; this is the base rate if you were to look online and chose a specific travel date. Scrolling through Airline websites is my first step: Delta, American Airlines, and Hawaiian Air. I discovered flights to Hawaii ranged from $700 – $900 rt per person.

2. Set A Spending limit
I was not anticipating a trip to Hawaii; however, after receiving an email alert from Scotts Cheap Flights, I couldn’t pass up a trip for $378.00 rt. I know what the spending limit is and when found… I will book it. Without the predetermined price… looking at my overall travel plans and create a budget- will determine my base price.

3. Searching For The Deal
I went back to the airline websites- just in case they were having specials I could catch before selling out; as well as Google flights, Momondo and Airline websites and OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) utilizes low fare calendars, making it easy for me to play with the days. If you are unsure about OTA’s, Scotts Cheap Flights does an excellent job of explaining them.

4. Finding The Deal
I want to stay on budget as this was an impromptu trip…flights will not be booked if I am unable to find the flights for $378 or lower. It took me several days and working on the best days to travel. As luck would have it, I found the desired airfare on Momondo for $342.89 rt per person. Momondo then directed me to OmegaFlightstore. I paid for my ticket and waited for the confirmation code.

* Wait for an email confirmation from the OTA -before booking nonrefundable accommodations. I received mine the same day.

5. Choosing Seats
With the Airline confirmation code, I went directly to Hawaiian Air website, selected our seats and enter my Hawaiian miles number. Not all deals with OTA’s will allow for seat assignment (read the fine print). I know when booking with an OTA, seats are not upgradeable.

Going to Hawaii without breaking the budget and saved approximately $714.00.

While Checking in for our flight- I was surprised to learn First Class was not sold out, at that time- I was offered the seat for $379.00 per person. Heck Yeah, I took it. !!

Aloha and Happy Travels

  • January 18, 2018