Fenway Park and Boston Pride: It’s Game-day!

When I think of Boston… community comes to mind, where neighbors look out for each other.  So when Wally and I traveled to Rhode Island for work, we knew we wanted to experience a Red Socks game and of course riding the train to Fenway Park.

Add to your bucket list: attending a Red Sox game and riding the train to the famous Fenway Park. Taking the train allows insight, into the pride residents of Boston have for their city. From local train riders to the individual working the ticket counter in the subway, everyone was willing to help us find our way to Fenway.

Six stops between Haymarket and Kenmore, with each stop adding more fans to the already full train. Doors open and the faint sound of someone yelling in the back…come on in; we have room! I can feel the sweat rolling down my back; we are standing extremely close.

While I am afraid to move in the train, everyone else is hyped with anticipation and is chatty: how was work, your family and then down to the essential subjects: the game with Minnesota Twins; this was going to be a great year. Nothing but the sounds of a happy community, it is the Game-Day!

Just before the Kenmore stop, the conductor announces; everyone gets off here for Fenway Park, not sure if I am excited about the game or having a little more space. Regardless, off the train, I go. As it turns out, it was easy to find Wally again.

Can’t leave a Red Socks game without a purchase from the Hot Dog vendor.

After the game men and women asking each other, ok to drive?, have a ride home, can I take you somewhere. Strangers, friends or family the people of Boston care for each other. They have Boston Pride.

 Skipped the train home and took a cab back to the hotel. No way was I taking the chance of getting separated from Wally.  

  • July 1, 2017