A day I never expected

In the world of Instagram, would you agree, photos are the key. Reviewing the gallery from our trip to Cave Creek, I mention to Wally (#1 supported and husband) I don’t have a good photo. He said… post the balloon photo, tell the story. Therefore I shared the picture with the following story of a day I never expected.

“One of the more emotional days I have had in a while occurred this weekend, having a drink in Cave Creek with my new friends when a parade of people exit the bar… each with a balloon in hand. I realize it’s a celebration of life.

We can all agree; I am outgoing, however joining such private events is not my style. On this day… and at this moment… That’s when I felt compelled to get off my chair and join the group.

I was unprepared for the wave of emotion felt once the balloons were released. I did not know the person who passed, yet I too grieved for the loss and felt the pain each person was enduring

As I watched the balloons fly through the sky, I also said goodbye. Hugged the widow and told her she would be okay.

Seams bold, right? Yet, I chose Faith over Fear and went with my instincts. She hugged me tight as if we had been friends for years, and thanked me.

Life, as we know, is short, too short in fact to worry about people..when given a chance, will tear us down.

Listen to your inner voice, the one that says get up, be happy! You never know where it will lead you. I am proof!”

  • March 28, 2018