Traveling well with other people

Whoever said, I don’t mind the little things- never traveled with other people.The little things can build up to the one dramatic event in the grocery store when the hot dog bun package is short two, ok that happened in the movie Father of the bride… I have thought about it though. In my experience, the top travel conflicts are due to money… buying the bottle of water because someone forgot there wallet, again!. Or travel agenda… one person wants to see only museums while the other prefers to sit at a cafe all day. Take advantage of my years of experience where I travel well with other people.

Before planning a getaway with others… I ask myself, can I spend 3, 5 or 7 days with this person- without feeling the need to fling myself off the nearest bridge? If the answer is a hard yes, then reviewing the tips I developed after traveling with others is a must. Let me share with you my top ten tips for traveling well with others.

1. Discuss the agenda with your travel partner.
Before arriving at your destination, discuss trip agenda and expectations… One friend may want to spend hours in a cafe while the other wants to see museums. Decide what works for you, are the museums less crowded in the morning, then spend the afternoon in the cafe- spit up your day to accommodate both people. Be willing to separate for the day or a couple of hours; it’s a good idea to spend some time apart anyway.

2. Discuss a budget for meals and activities.
It becomes problematic when one person expects to dine at Michelin restaurants while the other wants eat for $15 a day? Compromise or agree not to go outside of the budget limit. How many excursions does the group want to explore? Be willing to stay back if it’s not what you’re looking for as an activity.

3. Discuss sleeping patterns.
Do you snore or talk in your sleep? Before leaving for your adventure, let your travel partner know. No amount of coffee can help me stay awake the next day with a snorer in the room. I had a roomie once that talked in her sleep; I kept answering them.. haha.

4. Morning person or a night owl, it’s important to know.
Do you like to sleep in of a morning? If your travel partner is an early riser, and you want to sleep… this can create frustration for both. Let them know not to wait, go on to breakfast. So the day is not wasted on waiting for the other- plan a time to start the day.

5. Be flexible with the sleeping arrangements and shower times.
No preference on which side of the room to sleep on? Let your travel partner make a choice. Personally, I like to take showers second; it’s always nice to have time to wake up.

6.Bathroom time- yes, I went there!.
Be aware of how much time you spend getting ready for the day… ask if your roomie if she needs to use the restroom before you take a shower. Be kind to us old folks, “holding it” is not an option. Let’s talk about the number 2 rule, TURN on the TV or Radio, that’s just being nice.

7. Who will make all the plans? Julie, the cruise director, is not on this trip.
Unless one person the designated arrangement maker… help in the decision-making process- choose a restaurant or find tourist sights. Keep the communication open, and provide plenty of time for making arrangements.

8. Your mother did not come on the trip.
Even if she did, she doesn’t want to pick up after you. Keep your area clean, enough said.

9. Hotel reservation should be in both names.
Be sure to add both parties to the hotel reservation, if you get separated or if one loses a key, show ID at the front desk for a new key.

10. Last rule and most important when traveling with other people.
Be FLEXIBLE during your getaway and know your travel limits. For example; I like alone time. Others may want to have coffee before anyone talks to them. Take each day with a positive spirit and enjoy the time you have traveling together.

Bonus Tip: In case of an emergency… as it was with me, pay for the unexpected expenses. Of Course, use your best judgment, for me, she did not plan on coming home last minute, and I wanted to be considerate. Call the airlines for discounts because most accommodate bereavement rates. Thank you to American Airlines for reimbursing the original flight home.

I was incredibly lucky because my trip with Michelle was fantastic. I asked… what makes a good travel buddy?.

  1. Have similar interest. 
  2. A positive attitude is a must.
  3. Love for adventure.

Leave a comment and share your travel rules.

  • March 20, 2018