Barbara Holmes

The first time I met Wendy Knipp in person I felt at ease instantly! I had been following her on social media and was captivated by her honest, authentic posts. I was relieved to find out she was exactly the same in real life as what I had seen on social media! Wendy carries a warm, welcoming energy that draws you in and makes you feel safe. Her endearing smile is infectious! I am an introvert and speaking to someone I barely know is not easy for me, but with Wendy I felt safe to share my story with her from the start. I am learning to be more socially brave by following Wendy daily as she highlights others who are socially brave with inspiring and motivating posts, stories and interviews. She often gives me personal support and encouragement when she notices I’m being socially brave! When I’m feeling anxious about stepping out of my box, I look to see what Wendy is up to which gives me the boost I need to follow through with my socially brave intentions!