I created a list of accomplishments, why?

I am not a fan of resolutions. Perhaps it’s because I never keep them, of course, I get all excited and I am all in… for the first 2 weeks, then life gets in the way and I am back to the same routine. Several years ago I broke the cycle and decided to create yearly, quarterly and monthly goals for myself. This time I went one step further and created a list of accomplishments. Why?

We go through life remembering the negative, the failures and the goals we never accomplished; yet somehow we neglect to celebrate the goals we did reach. I believe it is important to remember the accomplishments we struggled through that helped us grow. The ones that made us who we are today.

I love this Wendy, she is fun and not as stressed.

I remember the first time I wrote my accomplishments, it started out slow, and soon my mind was going. Anything I could think of where it provided the benefit to grow as a person, I wrote it down. Started a new class, got a new job, ran two miles, or took a road trip with the kids. All of these things, while they seem small were something I had not done before and made me a stronger person.

I tell you this because we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We think if it doesn’t happen within a short period of time and it’s not significant it doesn’t count. That’s such Bull, society it messing with our head, and setting us up for unreachable standards. What about you? Have you written down your achievements? What are your accomplishments?

Take a moment and think about some accomplishments you had in your lifetime. I have a cup of coffee and will wait…

What did you come up with? Are you proud you walked your child to the bus stop? Went to the store alone? Or took a solo trip overseas? If it was your first time attempting or completing, then you overcame it and it’s an accomplishment. This is important, I will repeat.. if you started something new regardless of the impact, it IS an accomplishment!! Here has been my experience.

The first list completed, I have to be honest; I was surprised, how could I have forgotten the amazing things I did over the years. Reviewing the list, and for the first time ever said, Wendy Girl, you are Bad Ass! of course, I said this to myself, the people on the plane would have been alarmed.

It would be a while before I would actually say it out loud and recognize my awesomeness to others. I wasn’t always the person I am today, it took me many steps, some I would start and restart over the next 25 years. Here is an example, what should have taken 4 years to accomplish took me about 20, yet along the way, I had not considered I was moving towards my goals one step at a time. Let me explain.

First generation college graduate at the age of 50! Pretty amazing right, Yeah! Wendy girl. Yet, it took me many steps.

I started with one class; an accomplishment, I finished a semester; accomplishment, I finished a year; accomplishment. I obtained my Associates Degree, I started University classes, I restarted once we had enough funds, all are small yet significant accomplishments. On October 14, 2016, Graduation day, ACCOMPLISHMENT! Friends these are all steps, each one I am proud of because it would have been easy to not finish, yet I continued. I started with one step, the basic math class. Can you imagine a woman in her mid 30’s, entering a room full of 18-year-olds relearning math? When I walked into the room, everyone thought I was the professor, I could hear a pin drop when I sat down at a desk.

Each step we take in life is a step towards being a better version of ourselves; recognize the little things. Have you started on your path to achieving goals? If you took one step then you have, no one can take that away. When I needed to take a break from classes, it didn’t take away the steps I had already finished. When I return, I took another step and another until I graduated.

Let me give you another example of the steps I took to build a business. Each step is an accomplishment.

For 18 years I owned a model home cleaning company, I had no clue how to build a business, NONE!! I grew up with limiting beliefs. In fact, whenever anyone would ask me what I did for work, my answer was; I don’t do much. Why would I say it? I thought anyone could do what I do, which is true, however, I was the one doing it and that was special, I should have been telling anyone who asked.

What were the steps to build this business, glad you asked?

I had heard about cleaning models homes from a friend, and I thought, this would be perfect. I could stay home with my Son and still earn the extra income needed. I educated myself on biding work when I wanted to make more money, I taught myself marketing techniques. When I needed help cleaning, I learned how to hire team members and developed procedures to build a business. Before I knew it, I owned and operated a company with revenues reaching higher than any 9 to 5 job I could secure. I didn’t know how to do these things before I started, yet I figured it out along the way. ONE STEP AT A TIME. Again, all accomplishments.

I don’t tell you these things to brag; I do, so you will see the little steps it takes to build dreams. The leap from cleaning one model home to owning a business would have been a large leap, little steps were perfect and I didn’t give up.

Every season in life brings new steps

Some seasons in life are challenging, last year with the sudden death of my Brother then my fathers passing, my accomplishments were smaller in comparison yet, it was significant to me. I got off the couch, did my hair and makeup; I talked to a friend and I laughed at a joke. Life gets complicated, more things thrown at us each day, our intentions are good, the desire is there. We just need to break it down to the first step, then the next. Acknowledge what we have accomplished to know how far we have come. I write them down so I am remixed that I have come too far to stop now.

I encourage you to make a lifetime accomplishment list, you are freakin amazing and I would not want you to miss out on all your achievements!
Here are a few more of mine.

Gave birth twice
Survived no sleep nights when they were babies
Reinvented a career twice
Overcame fear of Ferris wheels
Forgave myself
Forgave others
On the board of several nonprofits
Take care of yourself! XO

  • December 27, 2018