Everyone has setbacks

Everyone has setbacks; some occur every day. It’s the process of growth, which makes us feel we are the only one going through it. I assure you, everyone has challenges. The number of banks that turned down Walt Disney was 302, and Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times over 2.5 years. Anyone trying to improve will struggle to overcome a challenge.

You will have moments of wanting to quit. Know your way, the reason you started to begin with, and attach an emotion to it, For example, I wanted to finish college, not because it would help advance my career because I wanted to be the first generation in my family to earn a degree. I started in my 30’s finished at age 50. I had to start with basic math, this was hard to admit, but I didn’t remember my multiplication tables.

Self-esteem doesn’t automatically happen: we gain it one achievement at a time. The trick is to understand that little steps provide the courage to take giant leaps. Don’t give up, it will be hard, and you will have more failures than initially planned, remember it only takes one success. It’s never too late to go after a dream, and there is no time limit on achievement. Enjoy the process, adjust with the changing path and it may lead you somewhere you never thought it could.

Find a mentor to help you through the hard times, if not one in person then read books by an author, you value their opinion. Some of my favorites right now are Tony Robbins, Rachael Hollis, and John C. Maxwell. These are my virtual mentors.

Take Care of yourself!!!

  • February 27, 2019